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Made a facebook. Mostly because of peer pressure. Well, I say mostly but it's COMPLETELY due to peer pressure. Not really certian I will make use of it.

I wish I could do something other than sleep all day. Well, most of the day. There are things I want to see. Things I want to do. People I want to see and do! There are a hundred tiny ideas in my head for writing but I can't stay conscious long enough to put them on paper and it's terribly annoying >:(

I want to live my life like I haven't got a tomorrow. So that I won't die at a random moment with the thought of 'E'gads! I never tossed a cup of soda from the top of the Empire State Building!'

On second thought, if I did the soda thing, might not be the safest thing for those on the ground level. And then there's the possibility of getting a hefty fine for littering if no one does get hurt, or worse, killed.

Though, that would be a helluva way to go wouldn't it? Just to be walking along next to the Empire State Building and then WHACK! death by cup of soda.

Think I may help out with a CHYOO project a mate proposed to me. She's wanting to do it as a Nine/Rose fan fiction. For those who do not know, chyoo (from her words) is basically a Choose Your Own Adventure Story... with smut.

I think I am about to go lay down again.


I am starting to dust off an old story and finish it up. If anything to give me something to do with myself.

I'm still rather uncertain as to whether it will be worth a thing as my personal opinion of myself has dropped since... well... since things happened. I feel quite useless actually at the moment. I've only just started writing again so I can't make any kind of promises for quality. :(

A breath of fresh air

Apparently the world can, most assuredly, go on. I hate when other people are right and I am wrong.

I felt myself smile for the first time in--months?-- today. It was at a silly little something that ordinarily wouldn't. I can't even remember what it was now. All I know is that I was sitting there minding my own and suddenly I just started smiling. I was told it encompassed my entire face and for one shining moment I experienced happiness again.

Mending hearts can break. Lonely dancers can sing again. Maybe I can move on and resume being who I once was.

I'm not making any sense.

A Little Kink

chapter two is with momdaegmorgan for beta reading. It's such a long chapter I think I may break it in half and post it as two chapters, which would put ALK at being a four chapter story.

Fandom Secrets

I was perusing fandomsecrets yesterday... and one secret in general rather pissed me off.

The one that said they were a Brit-picker and would sometimes randomly invent phrases such as "trousered as a badger" and try to pass it off to the author as a real "British term"... which, of course, in the end makes the author look like an idiot.

It infuriated me for the simple reason that it's just rude. Someone unfamiliar with british terminology and such entrusts another to help them out to prevent them from looking like an idiot and what do they do? They not only still make the author look like an idiot, but further make the author look like one when they insist that their brit-picker assured them it was a british term.

Though, on one hand... if the brit-picker IS british and makes it up... Doesn't that make it a british term by default? teehe.

On the other hand, the author spent alot of time trying to make their story "perfect"... and if they entrusted someone with the task of brit-picking, the least the brit-picker can do is do it properly.

I mean, honestly I've been in the US since I was 15 and sometimes a few british things go over my head easily. But that' mostly because I have friends (which shall go unnamed but she KNOWS who she IS) that use terms indicative of their area/family/ect... So I've gotten into the habit of calling a refridgerator an icebox. Pops are now Sodas (or is it sodas are now Pops... I can't really remember because I use both inter-changably).

But the fact remains that sometimes I need a refresher as to what is "British" what is "American" and what is "The Bastardised Florida BS". If I were to have someone brit pick for me and they made up a term and tried to pass it off as one of those "new british terms" and I found out... I'd (in the words of my S.O.) Bitch Slap them into the next century.


Side Effects

Title: Side Effects
Author: Kitten
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Rose
Rated: Adult
Summary: One of the best aphrodisiacs in the universe? Maybe. However, the side effects can be exhausting and frustrating... Fortunately Rose can cope.
AN: Wrote this one just a bit before the writer's block settled in. And YES I am working on A Little Kink... the next chapter currently has 11 pages and it's not even to the kinky smut yet. Also a HUGE thank you to momdaegmorgan for the beta reading. :D

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Someone's hand to hold

Title: Someone's Hand to Hold
Author: Kitten
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Rose, Jack.
Rated: Adult
Summary: Rose tells about her and the Doctor.
AN: Trying to get over writer's block. Decided to do a free narrative exercise the S.O. suggested.

Someone's Hand to HoldCollapse )


I miss home. My real home that is. Ye Olde Mother Land as the S.O. calls it. I should get over it soon though. Why? Because any time I have gone back for a visit, after a day or two allergies kick in (I have a dreadful wool allergy and the family has sheep, of all things...) and then the parental gets too clingy and smothering and starts asking after grandchildren (which I shudder at the thought of myself bringing any progeny into this world).

She doesn't think Momo should count as a grandchild and when I tell her my wee kitty is enough she hints that we should get my g.f. pregnant if I am unwilling. B.F. just laughs because the g.f. is as unwilling to have children as I. :)

We've debated getting another cat but, we really don't think Momo is ready for a little brother or sister. She is a very spoiled missy, she wants and gets all the love and attention so I don't think she would adjust to another cat very easily.